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Tax Representation

You have a tax problem? We specialize in resolving tax problems. Our team is equipped and licensed to assist taxpayers and businesses before the Internal Revenue Service Nationwide at all levels of representation. Do not ignore a tax issue. Our tax resolution service ensures that taxpayers do not alone carry the burden of dealing with the enormous stress attached to matters before the Internal Revenue Service. We provide representation in matters, such as:

  • Respond to IRS audit letters and notices
  • Representation during field and criminal investigations
  • Representation during IRS collections
  • Assist with issues revolving around non filing of individuals and businesses tax returns
  • Assist with collection due process and appeals
  • Assist innocent spouses and identify forms of relief applicable
  • Advocate on behalf taxpayer at all levels of representation until closure of the case
  • Representation in IRS levy, seizures, and liens
  • IRS wage garnishment
  • Assist in negotiation of installment agreement and offer in compromise.

Tax Planning

It is crucial to plan for your tax obligations. We align your financial goals with efficient tax planning strategies to help you legally and successfully reduce your tax liability. We help you explore and accomplish your goals in the most tax efficient manner possible by devising strategies during the tax year in order to minimize your tax liabilities by ensuring that you receive all legal deductions and credits that you are entitled to claim.

We make it our priority to remain informed and knowledgeable of the changes in tax laws, the complex tax code, and new tax regulations and notices by educating ourselves through tax seminars and through other tax education materials and events.

Our tax experts will help the small business owners plan their estimated tax due to avoid having to pay penalty and being surprised of their tax liabilities when they file their tax returns.

We recommend diverse Tax Saving Strategies to help you:

  • reduce taxes on your earnings and investments allowing you to build wealth.
  • grow and preserve your assets.
  • defer income and pay less taxes later.
  • reduce taxes on your retirement distributions to have more money at your disposal at retirement.

You could save a lot of money by reducing your tax liability through careful planning and legitimate tax saving strategies.

Tax Consultation

You have a tax question or a pending tax matter that keeps you awake or constantly bothers you? You could not find your seasonal tax preparer? Don’t worry or panic anymore! You did not work much for the tax year or previous 2 tax years and thought you did not have to file? You would be surprised to know how much refund that you left unclaimed.

You could also be one among the THOUSANDS of taxpayers who have unclaimed $$$$ at the IRS office. Whether you used a tax software to prepare your return for the past 3 years or you paid a tax preparer to file your tax return, you might miss some legal deductions and credits.

Give us the opportunity to give you a peace of mind by getting you compliant with your tax obligation. Failing to file your tax return is a criminal offense that carries different penalties. Do not wait further or until next year to file your delinquent returns. The sooner the better to avoid further problems and more compounding interest.

Call us to schedule your free consultation.

    Tax Preparation

    We are experienced in all aspects of tax preparation including individuals returns, small businesses, partnerships, and others. Our comprehensive interview, due diligence, and computerized return preparation process ensure that your return is accurate, low audit possibility, and completed in a timely manner.

    Given the complexity in tax laws, filing a simple return could be very confusing because you might not know or overlook some legal deductions and credits that you could claim. Using a computer program at times does not help much. We advise you to come to us as your experienced professional tax preparer. In fact, a  study conducted by the US Government General Accounting Office (GAO) revealed that most taxpayers (77%) benefit and are confident in their professional tax preparers. Just a few taxpayers believe that they are poorly served.

    Business Formation

    Starting a new business requires a lot of preparation and research. We could minimize your workload by contacting us at the beginning of the process. We would meet with you to discuss the plan and goals you set for your business. Choosing a legal entity for your business is a critical decision that should be made at the planning stage because not all business entities offer the same tax advantage.

    Not starting your business on the right path is a prelude to problems and failure. A sole proprietorship that has worked well for the past 3 years may not be the appropriate entity at this time for your business.  A partnership structure might have met your needs at the start but needs some reclassification under current business situation. A joint venture between husband and wife could be better suited than a partnership. And so on. Should you have a sole proprietorship? a joint venture? a S corporation? a partnership? a S Corporation?

    Contact us now for a free initial consultation.

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