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At Pierre Tax we educate and advise our clients about tax planning strategy and ensure they claim all their legal deductions and credits to minimize their tax liability.  We represent taxpayers at all levels before the Internal Revenue Service!      

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Tax Planning

You could save a lot of money by reducing your tax liability through careful planning and strategies.

Tax Consultation

We give you a peace of mind by discussing your tax issue with us to become compliant with your tax obligation.

Tax Representation

  We are licensed to represent taxpayers & businesses before the Internal Revenue Service nationwide at all levels.

Business Formation

We help future business owners select the appropriate business entity to reduce tax liability.


We offer an accounting system that keeps track of expenses and income in a timely and efficient manner

Tax Preparation

We are experienced in all aspects of tax preparation including individuals returns & small businesses.

Pierre Philantrope

Pierre Philantrope

Pierre Philantrope is the founder and Managing Director of Pierre Tax Group, LLC. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of taxation. He advises clients, represents clients, and prepares tax returns for individuals and small businesses. He has also provided French and Creole translation and interpretation services to several organizations. He has worked for over 15 years in the legal field for several firms conducting review, quality control, and quality assurance in discovery phase of different high-profile mergers and acquisitions, class actions, government institutions requests, assisting individuals and corporate clients in litigation cases. He has been consistently acknowledged for strong work ethic, and good academic and professional performance. He has a passion for helping people and has been involved in several volunteer and professional organizations throughout his career. 

Our Process

Speak With a Tax Pro

Call Today and speak with a Tax Pro to discuss your confidential specific tax situation.

Review & Discuss

We review your documents, discuss our service, and answer your questions prior to signing an engagement agreement.

Complete Our Task

We work on your tax issue, discuss and obtain your signature prior to filing with the IRS.


Do you Plan to Reduce your Tax Liability? Part 2

Careful tax planning strategies could help taxpayers save in taxes. As business owners, there are six powerful business tax deduction strategies that business owners could understand and implement before the end of tax year 2021. 1. Prepay Expenses Using the IRS Safe...

Have You Defaulted on an Agreement with the IRS?

Taxpayers should not ignore their past due tax debts. Many taxpayers have either entered into an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service to pay their tax debts and have failed to honor the agreement or have completely disregarded IRS notices for payments. Taxpayer...

Are You Taking Good Care of Your Business?

Many small business owners are unknowingly filing the wrong tax return form for their business, do not file their business tax return, incorrectly file their business return by themselves, do not properly keep records, and do not have a spreadsheet or do not use any...

Taxpayer Abused by Husband Gets Relief.

In Gans v. Commissioner, the taxpayer prevailed over the IRS by establishing that she was abused by her husband, among others, and consequently qualified for relief from joint tax liability. Marriage carries many tax consequences that could be minimized through...

Are you Planning to Pay Less Tax Next Year?

Planning the type and sources of your income could save a lot money in taxes. The source of your income determines your tax rates and tax liability. Taxpayers benefit from the lowest rates available when they have diverse sources of income, like real estate, stocks,...

Did You Use the Correct Tax Filing Status?

Taxpayers should use the correct tax filing status to avoid audit issue. Taxpayers must openly discuss their specific situation with their tax preparers and provide adequate documentation to prove their tax filing status. Many taxpayers have been audited by the...

Resole Your Tax Debts Before It’s Too Costly!

Taxpayers should take their tax due notices seriously and explore their available options. In 2020, it is estimated that 25 million taxpayers could not pay their taxes or failed to file their returns. The pandemic has made the matter worst and the number is expected...

Be Proactive in Filing Your Tax Return!

It costs taxpayers more money to resolve tax problems. Many taxpayers are currently receiving notices of tax due or notices of intent to levy or to seize their properties from the Internal Revenue Service. This unfortunate outcome could, most of the time, be avoided...

Understanding the Advance Child Tax Credit.

A taxpayer may claim a child tax credit for a qualifying child under the age of 17 who is a dependent on his or her tax return. Taxpayers may also claim a partial child tax credit for dependents who are over the age of 16 and dependents who do not have the required...

Do You Have a Tax Debt After Filing Your Return?

Taxpayers should take their tax due notices seriously and explore their available options. It is estimated that in 2020, 25 million taxpayers could not pay their taxes or failed to file their returns. The pandemic has made the matter worst and the number is expected...

The Tax Season has Ended. What’s Next?

The 2020 tax filing season has ended. There were many more surprises and challenges. This tax season, like the 2019 tax season, was very difficult because of all the recent changes from the Jobs Act of 2017 and all the recent Acts enacted by Congress and signed into...

Do Innocent Spouses Get Relief in Recent Cases?

Recent court cases have shown how it is very difficult for taxpayers to prevail in courts when they seek innocent spouse relief. Marriage carries with it many tax consequences that could be minimized through careful tax planning strategies. Marriage planning should...

Are You Ready to File Your Tax Return?

Taxpayers should only prepare their tax return when they have all their required tax documents. The return cannot be file with the IRS before the official start date of the tax season. Taxpayers who receive early payments for their return get a high interest loan...

Filing a Deceased Taxpayer Last Tax Return

The pandemic or other circumstances of death happened in the past year have caused this tax season 2020 to be the last tax return for taxpayers who did not survive to see this new year. The deceased representative, the executor, might have to file the last tax form or...

Last Month to Plan a Tax Savings Strategy.

We are at the end of a year that has proven to be a year of lot of changes in many aspects. This year, we have seen tremendous changes in our way of living that will carry over to years to come. However, the changes that the pandemic has brought to the tax laws mainly...

Setting Up Your Business

Starting a business could be very exciting. Regardless of the type and size of your future business, you must conduct your research and get professional advice before you start your business. You could learn a lot from a successful business owner. Many professionals...

Our Customers Love us!

Thank you very much Pierre. That was really quick. I like the fact that everything was completed remotely without any problems. You explained to me what you were going to do and asked me to review my tax return before you filed it. I received my refund in about 10 days. You are a true professional.

~ Herlide J


Pierre is very detailed oriented. He takes time to explain to the client their tax situation and what he would do. I sent him my tax documents from Orlando and he securely sent me the documents online for my signature and review before he files my tax return with the IRS. I strongly recommend Pierre Tax Group. Thanks a lot, Pierre!


“When you consider the number of changes to the tax law, and the impact it has on our finances,  you have to get competent advice to make sure the tax return you file presents you honestly and legally. That takes a tax lawyer, who’s only job is tax law.  Pierre is knowledgeable, prompt, and willing to help.”



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