It is common practice for taxpayers with IRS tax problems to face the IRS by themselves. Sometimes they hire a professional like an enrolled agent, a CPA, an attorney, but not someone who specializes in tax resolution.  We are certain that you would not hire a family law attorney to represent you in a criminal case. The best choice when you have an IRS tax problem is to hire an expert in tax resolution to get the best possible outcome.

Even in the case that you owe less than $10,000, you have filed all your tax returns, and you are able to pay the amount due over 36 months with a guaranteed monthly installment agreement, it is good to pay a small fee to have a tax resolution professional set it up for you.

4 Reasons to Hire a Tax Professional who Focuses on Tax Resolution:

1.    One of the 10 fundamental rights of a taxpayer highlighted in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is “the right to retain representation”. If an IRS revenue officer or agent calls or visits you, you are under no obligation to answer any of his or her intrusive questions. You politely respond by asking for the agent information and telling him or her that you are in the process of hiring a tax professional to represent you and this person will contact you directly. An enrolled agent, a CPA, a tax attorney who interacts daily with the IRS knows everything on how to stand before the IRS to protect your rights. Note that a tax preparer and an accountant CANNOT LEGALLY represent a taxpayer before the IRSGenerally, taxpayers with proper representation never meet or speak with the IRS. A tax resolution specialist also knows how to get you the lowest possible settlement.

2.    When taxpayers have unfiled tax returns that qualify them for representation. Not legally filing tax returns when they are due is considered a federal offense which carries fine and potential jail time. The IRS could file a substitute return, called SFR, on taxpayers’ behalf based on the information they possess. In this case, taxpayers do not receive their credits and deductions. The IRS, generally, will not put a taxpayer in jail unless the taxpayer is deemed to owe a lot of money and he or she is uncooperative. Hiring a tax resolution expert is the best action a taxpayer can take.

3.    When you are under audit, the IRS will ask you many very intrusive and difficult questions in the initial interview. The manner you answer these questions will dictate the outcome of your case. About half of the referrals to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) come from the agent who conducted the interview during the audit. Having a tax resolution expert to attend these meetings without your presence is the best course of action we would recommend. 

4.    If you owe between $10,000 and $200,000 or more, the IRS has many flexible programs available to taxpayers. Among them are Offer in Compromise, Partial Installment Agreement, Payment Plans, Penalty Abatement, Currently Not Collectible (CNC). Each program has its own procedures, and requirements for qualifications. Having a tax resolution expert on your side ensures you are taking advantage of the best options available to you.

Would you go to court without a lawyer? If you answer yes, we hope you know the court procedures and the laws related to your matter. As the proverb goes” He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”. If self-representation does not seem proper to you, it is advised thar you hire a tax resolution expert who knows the intricacy of tax representation to negotiate the best outcome to your case. That would be money well spent! 

  Hiring a tax resolution expert is the best action a taxpayer could take in a tax matter before the IRS or a state tax authority. 

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